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Riot explores humanity through the mediums of photography, sculpture and collage.  Her subject matters include the body, interconnectedness and psychology and her work is often visceral.


Riots previous career was as an Architect and required a multifaceted approach of problem solving and spacial manipulation all whilst honouring the aesthetic. Her Visual Artwork is reflective of the same process, this time : texture, scale, solidity, transparency and fragility all present somewhere, either literally or metaphorically.  Often working monochromatically with the use of bold colour as a gesture, limiting the palette re-occurs throughout the work, as does the use of layering.  Language also plays a key role, in both form and meaning, both poetic and polemic.


Her 2020 series, ‘Body and Words’ explores the topics of self identity and belonging. ‘Your Home is Not Out Side of You’ was created through the collection and processing of ground clay from around Riots own home.  She created bricks to her exact hand size and indented them with the words of the title.  Her bodily journey is presented in ‘Maiden, Mother, Crone’ and In ‘Give or Take’ her gesturing hands represent the taker becoming the giver, not only aa a mother but also to that of her ageing parents.

Recent work explores fragility and strength through image and materiality.  In this series, Riot uses textiles as a reflection of her lineage of seamstresses and child mill workers in the cotton factories of Northern England.  

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